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Supra Quadrax 4 x 2 mm2 - Loudspeaker Cable with Emphasis

Really affordable High-End Loudspeaker Cable featuring Tube Conductors of 4 x 2.0 mm2 at such a price it is nothin less than a bargain.

The tube conductor design means that 120 individually tin plated strands in a braid forms a tube around a PP plastic core. It forces the music signal to meet the same crossection area irrespective of frequency. The higher frequency, the further out in the conductor perimeter the law of physics forces the signal, hence resulting in unequal conductivity properties for the various frequencies. If adressed in the cable design with tube formed leads we manage the differencies efficiently allowing for a flat frequency response, ultra-fast transients and transparency. If configured in a Star Quad conductor formation (single wire/full range) RFI pickup and outgoing magnetic fields (lowered induktance) are almost completely cancelled out, thanks to the symmetry of current in the opposite conductor pairs. Finally the strand tin plating will counteract any current jumps tendencies between the strands thus creating a diode effect followed by corresponding phase shift.

In addition to the malignant inductance affecting any power transmissions with high current transients, we have also gained a lowered capacitance. The capacitance is considered less malignant in speaker circuitry, but if possible it should also kept as low as possible since it also contributes to a treble roll-off and phase shift. The special PolyPropylene (PP) insulation and conductor core is chemically and physically extremely stable and features low capacitance.

What will you experience? We think that you will have a dynamic explosion, especially if you own a powerful amplifier and larger pair of speakers. The vast majority who tested this cable, sum up its properties as very dynamic and expressions like "this is really rock'n'roll" is not unusual. And this is off course both flattering and awaited, since we designed it to be an alternative high-end cable, for those how wanted a more straight forward sounding, but still remain faithfull to the very fabric of Supra Cables no-nonsense concept.


We prefer to sell Quadrax preterminated, but keep it available also on bobbin

The reason is that the transition between the cable and connectors is very critical. In order to maintain the superior cable and contact properties, we have reached the conclusion that our joints becomes better and at an equal quality. We crimp the unit together at high pressure, making a perfect, air tight, joint. We recommend that any on-location contact mounting is performed by trained professional using Supra contacts and tools. Not following our recommendation will void all warranties.

Warning! Improper contact may damage amplifier and/or speaker and in worst case generate excessive heat and create a fire.

When pre-terminated, the Supra Quadrax is supplied with both banana and spade connectors.  

The Sword CombiCon Crimp M6 Connector

Sword comes with crimped M6 threaded adaptors and a set of connectors with corresponding threads. The pictures show spades and banana/BFA connectors, as well as the spade replaced with banana/BFA directly screwed onto the adaptor. The set includes all connectors for the absolute majority of todays connection options and most likely also your future preferences.

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