USB 2.0 A - MINI B
USB 2.0 A - MINI B
USB 2.0 A - MINI B
USB 2.0 A - MINI B
USB 2.0 A - MINI B
USB 2.0 A - MINI B

USB 2.0 A - MINI B

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USB cable Hi-Speed, Type A - Mini B

Length of cable (м)
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Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications

Standard USB 2.0, Hi-Speed    
Connectors USB A Male to USB Mini B Male    
Signal Direction: <->    
Application Examples:  Computer, DAC    
Data transfer rate: 480 Mbit/s    
Solder Tin: Almit SR-34 Super    
Cable clamping: Molded    


Number of pairs:  2  
Cross Area: 0.24 / 23 mm2/AWG
No. Wires/Conductor:  19  
Wire diameter : 0.127 (mm)
Wire Material: Tin Plated OFC  
Insulation: PE  
Screen: Aluminium/Pet Foil  
Jacket: PVC  
Flameretardancy: No  
Ext. Size 7.5 (mm)
Weight 56 (g/m)

Electrical performance

Resistance: 72 (Ohm/km)
C: 52 (pF/m)
Imp. Z: 90 Ohm
Velo. Factor 0.66c  
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